Since childhood, we are punished, rejected and cursed for mistakes. We are raised on the fear of making them and in full confidence that an error-free life is possible, and that sinless people exist! But these are unrealistic demands for themselves, for people, for life.

The result is a mentality of losers! We are so afraid of mistakes that we are deprived of perseverance, faith in ourselves, we are not able to accept loss, and we’d rather do nothing than risk losing it.

A mistake is an attempt, a negative result is an experience, an opportunity to correct a strategy. How often do we prevent our husbands or wives from making mistakes according to their decisions. We swear, decide for them, do it ourselves. Total? Relationships are spoiled, he or she has not learned anything, and you are exhausted.

You need to learn to make mistakes and forgive yourself for them. The one who is not afraid of mistakes is doomed to success in all his undertakings, because success is most often the number of attempts multiplied by the experience gained from failures! And it is much more accessible to each of us, rather than relying on luck.

Learn to enjoy mistakes, to meet them as a positive result. Be able to recognize them and apologize. Because we get the biggest problems by resisting to fix the losses and move on. From disputes, attempts to get out and stubborn denial of guilt and miscalculation.

Changing experience on stupid stubbornness and pride, we invariably pull out a losing ticket! And I wish you a completely different.

The whole point is in error
The whole point is in error
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