People who are sweeping through their walls with advertising posts ala «make a repost — win iphone» believe that they have deceived the system.
Without spending anything, they get a chance to win something real.
Zero cost allegedly.

In fact, by making such reposts, they pay for them in currencies, the importance of which many have not yet realized.
This currency is called page trust.

Repost on your account means that you have missed its contents through yourself and recommend to friends, think about it. You throw in trash advertising information not somewhere in the «Internet», you throw it in the info-field to your relatives, colleagues, and friends.
People who repost for a meager chance to win some sushi dish rate their page so low, and therefore themselves, that they are willing to exchange the value of their opinions for, say, one thousandth part of the above-mentioned set of rolls, in monetary terms, this is kopecks one hundred fifty — two hundred .

It is precisely this amount that these people value their reputation, the value of their opinions, it’s for these two hundred kopecks that people, unaware of it, sell the right to express themselves.

In the courtyard of 2018, the virtual is closely intertwined with the real, increasingly replacing it, and people have not learned to understand the obvious things.

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