And now just think about the essence of what is happening:

Tesla’s vice president of energy products, Lyndon Rive, tweeted that the company could build a sufficiently capacious industrial battery that would solve power supply problems in South Australia. And it will take no more than 100 days.

To which the Australian side, represented by an Australian businessman, tweeted the following:
“Lyndon and Ilon, how seriously do you say? If I can find money for the project (and negotiate with the politicians), can you guarantee 100 MW in 100 days? ”

After 18 hours, Ilon Musk tweeted: “Tesla will install and start the system within one hundred days from the moment of signing the contract, and if not, the project is at our expense. Is it serious enough for you?
The system was launched within 100 days.
The argument is won.
It was enough just 3 tweets.

Great things turn out to be possible and so solved? Hmm

The bottom line is ….

Ilon Musk made electricity 21 times cheaper.

Ilon Musk built a solar battery in Australia that feeds 750,000 homes. I got a bill for electricity and it turned out that they pay $ 0.0029 per 1 kWh.
And what, so it was also possible?

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